Programming doesn't have to be hard.
And you don't have to have a degree to be successful.

Learn more in this upcoming python basics bootcamp!
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Technology Is

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The world we once knew has given way to more technology and automation. Knowing how to program could be the BIGGEST marketable skillset in this techno-focused world.

And you don't need a degree to be able to code!

Why should you attend?

Having a programming skillset puts you ahead of the technology curve & opens up new opportunities in the tech field. These jobs are always in demand & software development provides greater flexibility for your career.

In this bootcamp, you will have python basics broken down into easy to understand, byte-sized pieces. You will glean tips & tricks to shorten your learning curve & advance your skills in a shorter period - without the long, frustrating hours trying to figure it all out by yourself!

No Degree Needed!

Have a desire to learn? Willing to be patient & persistent in your pursuits?

Then you can be successful. And programming can be easy.

Join this bootcamp to learn how!

Your Python Programming Trainer

Owner-Operator of Prosperous Heart, LLC - An Education & Empowerment Company

Kassandra Keeton

Python Developer

Kassandra believes in a world where technology (lead by humans with prosperous hearts) can make a positive difference in the world. Her biggest passion is empowering others for success by breaking down tech into easy-to-understand byte-sized pieces.

She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Texas Christian University, where she also began working in a Smart Home lab as a student researcher.

During her 7 years working at Cisco, she taught over 1,500 people how to code in python & introduced them to incredible possibilities with programming, data science, artificial intelligence, & machine learning. She also lead their Data Science For Good program that connected volunteers with nonprofits to develop technology for their needs.


What They Say

Kassandra is extremely knowledgeable of Python and I got a lot out of her class.
The material is very interactive and she helped me with any questions or issues that came up.

Dave McAllister
Senior Analyst - Global Pricing

I recall from our time together in the women's leadership course back in 2016, your tenacity and passion around teaching coding. You should walk away from your time at Cisco knowing that you have made an impact on so many people.

Once a Cisconian, always a Cisconian.

Jennifer Knickerbocker
Risk Management of Information, Systems, and Resources

I have known you when you were training people on Python at Cisco, attended a lot of those coding hours and whereas I was your worst student and can’t code to save my life (not your fault), you were an amazing teacher and trainer.

Anyone willing to learn, upgrade or polish off Python skills will benefit amazingly from your sessions.

Highly recommended!

Santanu Ganguly
Systems Architect at Cisco | Author | Advisor | MSc. Observational Astrophysics, MSc. Mathematics, CEng, MBCS-CITP, Google Cloud Architect

Kassandra you are a total go-getter! I have enjoyed partnering with you on Data Science for Good, and I am sure exciting adventures await you wherever you go.

Arielle Sumits
Data Scientist

I really enjoyed working with you on DS4Good program, appreciate your leadership skills in building a team of volunteers and provide guidance on data science project!

Kirtee Yadav
Driving strategies to achieve key business outcomes

Thank you so much for everything you have done to improve our ML and Data Science skills Kassandra. Also, thanks for helping new hires get connected to different groups in Cisco.

Larry Rios
Software Developer at Cisco Systems

It was amazing to work with you Kassandra, your passion to share knowledge and make innovation happen is inspiring.

David Spindola
Leader, Customer Delivery en Cisco


The Comfort Of Home



Multiple Dates


6 hours + Implementation Time

Bootcamp Details

Remember - this is a python basic programming bootcamp! You will be armed with knowledge to help you get started & where to access additional resources. When we get to the "work" part of this bootcamp, you will focus on implementing the topics into actual working code.

Why Learn How To Code?

In this bootcamp, you will learn the basics of python programming. Python is known as the beginner's language for a reason.

What Programming Language?

This bootcamp will cover the basics of python programming as well as some basic software development & collaboration tools.

Need some food for thought? Here are a few world-class software companies that use python:

  • Google
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
What's Included?

This bootcamp is not the be all end all for python programming. It is impossible to cover everything in the time frame set for this program.

All bootcamp attendees will get recordings & access to code examples. You will also be provided supplemental training materiala to empower you on your journey.

In this 3 week bootcamp, you will receive education, resources, AND implementation opportunities to:

  • easily understand how to code in python
  • build confidence by creating a solid foundation to jumpstart your software developer journey
  • create new connections with others on their coding journey & build your professional network
Important Dates & Times

Any changes in this I will alert you via the Discord channel & Facebook group.

If you are unable to attend any of the live trainings, you will receive the recordings.

  • Apr 2, 2022 @ 12p PT / 2p CT / 3p ET
  • Apr 9, 2022 @ 12p PT / 2p CT / 3p ET
  • Apr 16, 2022 @ 12p PT / 2p CT / 3p ET
Bonus #1

With any kind of learning, you are more likely to succeed when you surround yourself with others on a similar journey.

As a part of this bootcamp, you will receive access to:

  1. Facebook Group For Programmers With Prosperous Hearts
    Digital community & resource hub.

  2. Access To The Prosperous Heart Community Discord Server
    Better mobile communication to ensure timely updates. I mean really - how many emails do you get a day?
Bonus #2

I'm a programmer turned digital marketer educator. Along my journey, I've found that no matter who you are - employee or entrepreneur - you need to know how to leverage social media marketing.

Special training date:  Apr 24, 2022

When you participate in this bootcamp, you will receive a bonus social media marketing session where you will:

  1. learn which platforms to focus on for people to find YOU
  2. have an opportunity to receive feedback on how to improve your social profiles
  3. learn how to make your social media profiles work for you

Pricing - Hurry, Limited Seats!

1 Virtual Seat


$97 (Early Bird Pricing)

1 Speaker
3 sessions (6+ hours instruction)
Opportunities To Implement (1 Month Of Coding)
Discord & Facebook Community
1 Additional Complementary Month Of Mentorship

Have the programming tech broken down for you into easy to understand, byte sized pieces.